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With Social Traffic everything is simple and makes your life so much easier. Social Traffic the best free web based exchange network that helps you reach the audience you require on social networks and real human hits to your website. We do hate the bots, same as you do! If you should require any assistance our Support team is always happy assist you.

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We offer more than 20 exchange solutions for social networks and web traffic.

Powerful Solutions

AddMeFast delivers safe traffic, likes by real humans only, allowing you to configure everything from amount, who, when to duration.

Premium Support

We treat everybody the same, no matter from where or who it is. Just drop us a mail and our support team will be happy to satisfy your needs!

Affiliate Program

Earn 200 Tokens and $0.20 for each user that sign up to our network, 70% from money spent by your referrals, on our platform and payouts as low as $1. How cool is that?

Satisfied Customers

AddMeFast doesn’t charge you to make a purchase. We use PayPal secured transactions which is trusted by 162 million people that prefer to pay with PayPal, all our customers are happy.

Protect your business

If there’s one thing people know about AddMeFast, it’s how seriously we take your account privacy and security. Automatic fraud screening and our dereferrer technology help to keep your websites safe.

Keep Costs Down

Like most of our competitors, we charge a small percentage and fixed transaction fee on every sale. What makes AddMeFast different is that there are no fees for setup, exchange or account cancellation..


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